Great Golf

What makes Golf Great?

Since its birth in 15th century Scotland, golf has become one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. The spread of golf in Orlando has taken our nation by surprise. Golf is no longer a sport reserved for the elite upper class. People of all ages are flocking to golf to be a part of something that is quickly becoming America’s new favorite past time. Golf in Orlando has been played for decades, so why are so many people now taking up golf?

The primary reason why we participate in sports is to have fun. Golf isn’t just about being competitive or social, it’s about having fun. When golfing with your friends you are allowed to take a step back and enjoy the time you get to spend with the one closest to you. Golf is one of the few competitive sports where you can enjoy yourself whether you win or lose.

As one of the few sports where shear athleticism doesn’t determine who wins, golf is a sport about discipline, consistency, and most importantly hard work. Putting in the time and effort is the only way a person can excel at the game of Golf. This fact allows for a wide range of people to enjoy the game of golf. Even if you’re not good at the game you still can enjoy it. You don’t get benched for double bogeying at one of Orlando’s Golf Courses. Unlike most sports, golf allows everyone keep on playing regardless of skill.

Golf is meant to bring people together. Golf is not just a sport but a social gathering for people of all ages. Other sports force you to get caught up in the intense competitive nature of the game, but Golf allows you down time where you can socialize with the people you golf with. In fact many people even golf just to be with their friends, family member, or business partner. The game of golf is also great for groups, the relatively slow pace of the game allows for more conversations and social bonding. This has allowed golf to become the sport of choice when it comes to business partners trying to make that next big business deal, or friends just having a causal outing.

Over time golf has become a sport that is accessible to almost anyone. Orlando Golf courses can now be found everywhere. Whether it’s getting to know a new client or getting closer to a friend, the amount of fun you can have is what really makes golf great.